The Little Man has gotten to an awesome phase lately, where his mind bounces between the actual and the theoretical, and the questions and conversations we’ve been having lately have been EPIC. Partly because I am constantly intrigued to hear what he has come up with, and partly because he’s figured out that this means I’m more than willing to stay in the room with him a good 20minutes after tuck-in just to talk with him.

And the Little Miss – she may not be at the theoretical stage yet…but that doesn’t mean she can’t demand her fair and equal share of Momma’s listening time. She just uses it more to describe the things around her. Her bed. Her doll. My body. In detail. Very. Very. Exact Detail.

So, for your enjoyment, here are some of the our question/answer sessions recently:

  • How do babies get born without parents?

    • Wait…what did you just ask?
  • How are butterflies made?
    • How do you think?
    • They eat and eat and eat, until they get fat enough to build a cocoon! And then they die and become butterflies!
    • Thank you, Eric Carle!
  • What do we become when we die?
    • Not butterflies?
  • When are you (mommy) going to die?
    • We decided on age 99-101.
  • Can I have peach cobbler and ice cream W/o the peach cobbler?
    • Absolutely, just as long as Momma can have your extra cobbler.


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