I’d like to begin by clearing up some rumors that have been swirling around in my head lately.

1. I’m not pregnant. Yes, it’s been what, 9months since I posted? And in that time my two existing children have managed to grow enough to add the weight of a newborn to our household….without actually adding a newborn. So while I may be eating for two at the moment, those two are me, myself, and I. (I doesn’t eat much, the skinny witch….)

2. The toddlers have not, in fact taken over the house. Just the living room. The kitchen. The dining room. Their room. And my shower.


There is no three. The first two voices in my head drown out the third, so she just mostly sits in a corner and cans things.

Which brings me to the past 9 months. In which my domestication project has gone a tad off the deep end…

It started simply enough with the idea to join a CSA. A CSA is an awesome program in which farmers plant, tend, grow, and pick vegetables – and then deliver them to you in a giant box once a week. It’s like someone’s done your grocery shopping for you, all you have to do is go pick it up.

That is, of course, assuming that you know what to do with 48ears of corn, 12 potatoes, 3 kholrabi, 2 cabbages, and a whole ton of under-ripe peaches. Each. Week.

So we bought a bigger freezer.

And then, since we filled it up with freshly-slaughtered pigs, cows, lamb,and chickens from our neighbors and friends, I learned to can.

Think Moulin Rouge. But with fewer feathers. And more bell jars.

But there was dancing. And singing. And tears. So many, many tears…

And then we found out about raw milk.

And bought ourselves a cow.

Or at least part of a cow. A share, if you will. Mostly of the milk.

And now, we’re eating CLEAN. And GLUTEN-FREE (although THAT is an entirely different story…) And planning a GARDEN. And FERMENTING.

So. To recap. We started off trying to learn how to boil pasta and scramble a few eggs.

And now?

I’m mother-freaking FERMENTING.

fermented salsa

Also? I learned to run :)

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