A Family Trait

April 19, 2012

in Blame The Sudafed, Mommy-ville Detour

The Little Miss is officially 10months old. I say officially, because I’ve kind of been fudging it for a few weeks now. Sure, when the Little Man was an infant, I proudly ratteld off his exact age down to the day each and every time someone inquired as to how old he was. I’ll still actually count out the whole 28months occasionally. But the Little Miss? Well, she’s a second child. As soon as she turns 1? That’s it. Anytime anyone asks how old she is, that’s it. 1. not 14 months. Not even 1 and a half. 1.

By the time we have a third? They’ll just be “almost 1.” From the day after their born. Until they turn 2.

And, I will admit, it’s been a long 10months.

Probably because I’ve been saying she’s 10month since she was 9months, 1 week.

But now, she’s 10MONTHS!¬†Which means we’re only 2months away from Mommy getting her boobs back! And probably her body. At least if she doesn’t re-learn how to eat for just 1 in the next 8 weeks….

And with 10 months comes new skills. She can can say Mama. And Baba. And Dada (not that she’ll do it to his face….). She can roll. She can manipulate. And she can clap.

Granted, she could clap at 9months, 1 week, and 2 days.

Just not with her hands.

It’s been her crowd-pleaser. If alternating smiles and shrieks don’t bring the cuddles and cheek-pinching she seeks? She’ll throw herself onto her back, raise her little limbs into the air, and clap.

With her feet.

And, granted, her father can do some amazing things with his feet. If you’re ever looking for evidence to support the humans-evolved-from-chimps theory? Ask the Big Man to pick something up off the floor. Or scratch his head. Odds are, he won’t even have to put down his Iphone to do both simultaneously.

But that isn’t a tidbit I regularly share with the uninitiated.

Just the internet.

So when we were showing her off to my grandmother’s friends, and they asked where on earth she had managed to pick up that trait, I blithely pleaded ignorance.

And then, not five minutes later, I decided she didn’t need the pacifier glued to her face like so many of last night’s cheerios. So I reached out, plucked it from her little mouth, and continued on with my conversation.

Or at least I would have. Had my grandmother’s neighbor not been clutching her sides amid peals of laughter.

For, it seems, my accomplishment of this small, seemingly innocuous, feat had revealed the true origin of her podiatric skills….


Marcie April 29, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Clapping with her feet – so cute!!

Deb & Alix April 19, 2012 at 10:49 am

Oh Little Miss……you have the MOST TALENTED feet in the universe……hmmm……maybe a future ballerina who dances on her toes……or a Podiatrist, tap dancer, or whatever or wherever your feet lead you!
Happy 10 months today :) Love to you and the Little Man, your wonderful Mommy and Daddy :)

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