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August 25, 2014

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As I walked into the daycare to pick up the Little Miss today, the teacher at the front desk stopped me with an innocent “Oh, HI, I was just about to call you…”

No, don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it…

“Little Miss hasn’t been feeling well today.”

Crap. She said it.

It’s not like I’ve been looking forward to their trip to grandma’s all summer month week. I haven’t packed their bags or anything. I didn’t want to jinx it. Packing a bag is just begging for one of three things to happen:

  1. Someone to decide that the toilet is for chumps and/or it’d be cool to get to wear every pair of underwear/shorts/skirts/pants in their closet all in one day.
  2. Someone to decide to put their pre-packed sleep-away back-pack “somewhere safe.”
  3. Someone to get sick.

So I haven’t packed yet! Which means NO ONE should be sick! I try explaining that to the Little Miss, as she lays on the ground with her head in her teacher’s lap, oblivious to the number of near-misses as her friends run laps around her.

This means business. Applesauce. Dora the Explorer. Motrin. Enough Elderberry Syrup to dose an (small) elephant. And her brand new, super special, magical pajamas….

Day 1:

Ok. So it’s not really day 1. The kid’s don’t leave for their grandma’s until tonight. After dinner.

BUT. They leave tonight. BOTH OF THEM.

Because the Little Miss has bounced back! Sure, she tried to pull off the “I’m so so sick, I should go to the office with you” routine a few times. (She’s convinced that all I do at work is watch Dora the Explorer from the blanket pile under my desk….) But no fever, a return of her appetite, and the fact that she was bouncing off of the walls/stairs/Little Man this morning means she’s going to grandma’s!

Must have been the magic pajamas.


Day 1 (For Real):

This is weird. Seriously weird.

I showered. Alone. Went to the bathroom. Alone. I’d say I slept alone, but I couldn’t find anyone to take the Big Man for the night… And now? I’m eating chips. Alone. Without sharing. And tonight, I can eat popcorn. For dinner. Alone.

I could get used to this.


Day 2:

I feel like I’ve forgotten something all day long….


Day 3:

The Big Man and I came to 2 realizations yesterday:

  1. Between work (including Saturday), yoga, and aikido, we haven’t actually managed to plan a “date day” for ourselves with all this freedom going on…
  2. Which probably is a good thing, since the few hours we had yesterday afternoon we spent wandering around the mall.
  3. You spend a lot of money just window shopping. Especially in a wine store.
  4. And yes, my counting really is this bad

I think I miss them…

Day 4:

Oh dear gawd, they come back today. This afternoon. T-6 hours. Which means I need to do the laundry, can the French Onion Soup, Tomato Soup, and Chicken Soup (probably should make the chicken soup…), make Kombucha, make my Mexican Squash Casserole, and probably put away the laundry from last week.

Ie. Make it look like I actually did stuff while they were away, other than eat the last of last year’s Halloween candy….

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