A Tale of Two Cookies

May 7, 2012

in Mommy-ville Detour

The Big Man has been trying for weeks to train the Little Miss. Each night, he holds up the cookie that she knows he is going to share with her any second, and asks her one tiny, simple, little question:

“Can you say DaDa?”

Now we all know that, yes, she can in fact say DaDa. She’s been saying it for over a month now. Usually just after he’s left the room. Or the state. He travels a lot, so I’m never really sure which it is. But she can say it.

And yet, every single night, we go through the same routine.

He asks.

She waits patiently.

Trying to charm her way into Daddy’s cookie.

He asks.

She claps her hands to encourage him.

That’s it Daddy. Just stretch that cookie a little farther my way. Almost…ALMOST….

He asks.

She pounds her hands on her tray.

Perhaps her clapping had been to subtle? 

He asks.

She cries.

Hey, it worked for Mommy with that cop…

He asks.

She attempts to cry, clap, and giggle all at the same time.

He breaks down and gives her the cookie. It’s hard to be a task master when you’re giggling along with your charge.

Every night. It’s like my own personal Masterpiece Theater in its tenth season of the Titanic. We all know  how its going to end. But you can’t help but sit back and watch it all unfold.

Then tonight, the Big Man had to work late. Which meant it fell to me to grace our daughter with her cookie. And as I turned around with my secret stash of Animal Crackers in hand (the one sweet, aside from the Big Man’s cookies that I am guaranteed not to touch) (and yes, that does include the Little Man’s potty candy. Hush.), she looked eagerly up at me, put her hed to the side, clapped, and said…..


That’s right. She knows who’s dealing out the good stuff.

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Marcie May 14, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Awww, cute story!

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