Because No One at Walmart will actually read the email I just sent them…

October 2, 2012

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Dear Walmart,

Since it is impossible to get an actual human being on the line when calling your 1-800 number, I thought I’d email you to let you know that I am taking my business elsewhere. I’m sure this doesn’t matter one red cent to your bottom line, but writing to express my outrage to you is healthier than yelling about it to my toddlers.

I took the time this morning to pick out the cutest photos of said toddlers. You know, the ones where they don’t have a finger up their nose, in their cohort’s eye, or in their own eyes. After selecting 23 from the approximately 2000 I took (thank gawd for digital film), I took the 10minutes to upload the photos and go through the checkout process. I chose to use Paypal to pay for my home-delivery of multiple copies of 23 glossy 4×6 photos (gotta give Grama something to put on her fridge!). I jumped through Paypal’s hoops to approve the payment, was taken back to your site…..and then denied.

It seems your website is currently having issues differentiating between Paypal and a non-existent Credit Card.


And when I tried to call at 8:50am about this, to get the payment processed, and get ya’ll to send photographic proof of the cuteness of my children when not covered in peanut butter? After 5minutes of being routed through auto systems riddled with condescending implications that if I just took the time to read through your entire site I’d find the answers to world peace and how to return that velor track suit my MIL thought was a good idea, I finally reached a number that was going to take me to a human being.

And then?

It told me ya’ll were closed. At 8:59am EST. Because I was calling outside of normal business hours. Which, according to your answering machine, begin at 8AM. EST.

So. Long story short. I’m dumping you. I may in fact be dumping digital photos altogether. Polaroids seem more the way to go. Instantaneous home delivery at my very fingertips. It’s everything the internet promises, in 30 seconds or less.


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