The Best Laid Plans…

July 19, 2010

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It was Genius, I tell you! Genius!

After coming home from our latest road trip, I stood staring at the pile of suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks that constituted the Little Man’s luggage.  Then I glanced at the single duffel bag that managed to contain everything that I could possibly need for two weeks at Grama’s.  And then I remembered the pile of tote, coolers, and diaper bags that were amassed behind me, filled with everything we needed quick access to in the 20 hours it took us to get from home to Grama’s and back.

My soul seemed to sag a bit at the sheer weight of all that STUFF.  Stuff that needed to be sorted, washed, and put away.  Again.

Or perhaps it was just the weight of all those delicious cookies I ate over the previous two weeks?

Whatever.  It was totally the STUFF.

Which I would just have to assemble, clean, and pack AGAIN in another two weeks.  AGAIN.

And then I had an idea.

It was brilliant.

(Seriously.  Einstein would have been jealous.  Or at least his wife would have been.)

Why unpack it at all??

(Other than the dirty diapers…maybe)

After 5 years of business trips, long-distance relationship visits, and spontaneous “I have to get out of here before I start my own demolition business.  In my living room.” visits, I pretty much have a travel-size duplicate of everything I own.  And enough clothes to wear a different shirt every day for a month.

(Because I’m female.)

And with the shear number of clothes the Little Man has?  I couldn’t possibly have packed them all if I’d wanted to.  I mean I packed enough for 3 complete wardrobe changes per day for 10 days.  And STILL had a drawer full of cute-but-not-cute-enough-for-Grama’s outfits.

Surely we could make it for 2 weeks without having to even touch a single bag.  And then?  Come time to leave again?  I could just pick up the mountain of bags and head on out.

Easy Peasy.

Lemon Squeezy.

And it was.  Until I realized the Little Man’s nails needed to be clipped.  So we dug out the super-safe nail clippers that ensure I only take off a fraction of skin when attempting to stunt his little claws.

And then I remembered that ALL of his swim diapers were in the bottom of his suitcase.

And his never-been-packed outfits?  Just weren’t cute enough to meet the Big Man’s new colleagues in.  Mismatched plaid?  NOT in public.

(Side Note to makers of kid’s clothes: ENOUGH WITH THE PLAID.  Seriously.  I have a hard enough time figuring out matching outfits without worrying about the unmatchable plaid pants you seem to add to ever. single. baby. outfit.)

Ok.  So I would dig out a few items, but the rest would remain packed!  And my bags?  Still untouched!

Until I realized that I only own one razor.  And the Big Man?  Is not a fan of the … “European” look.  At least not in the underarm area.

Long story short?  I’m still completely packed.  Except for the nail clippers, diapers, wipes, cute baby outfit, bottles, pump, favorite bra, baby carrier, baby toys, computer, tweezers, and razor.

And my plan to never repack again this summer?
Still Genius.

In theory.

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Melissa July 20, 2010 at 11:47 am

Tweeze the pits! :)

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