Communication Will Be The Downfall Of My Marriage

May 3, 2012

in After The Honeymoon

The Big Man reads my blog.

He also reads my facebook updates, my daily emails, and my hourly tweets.

You might say that’s sweet.

I say its how we communicate.

Some days its the only way we communicate.

Communication is key to a strong marriage, right?

So the other night, the Big Man sat down after helping herd the Littles through bed, bath, and beyond, and took a few minutes to read all about our newest house guest. He smirked. I smiled. And we went on with our evening.

And then later that night, as we were finishing up cuddling (no, not cuddling, cuddling! It was a Tuesday evening. What else would a civilized person be doing on a Tuesday evening??) and preparing to head to our separate sides of the bed, he casually mentioned that he had seen another of my “little friends” earlier.

I didn’t remember befriending a tribe of dwarves recently, but it was 9pm late, maybe I was missing something in this conversation?

“You know. Your Friends.”

At which point he did his creepy-crawly-spider walk with his fingers up my poor, unsuspecting arm.

Needless to say, there was no sleeping that night.

Or cuddling.

It’s hard to do that when your arm’s been mangled by a woman trying to kill the spider you pretended was crawling up her arm.

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Deb & Alix May 3, 2012 at 8:35 am

Meg……….you need to write a book!!! Great way to start the day with laughs :)

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