I’m on a mission this year. I’ve lived most of my life with a certain set of beliefs:

I’m not sure where I acquired these beliefs. I’d like to blame that year I spent in Catholic school as a little girl, but I think they’re more to blame for my belief in the inherent goodness of humanity. Not to mention my love of a good black and white outfit. No, I think these beliefs are congenital. I’ve certainly never done much to dispel them. I’ve just accepted them as who I am. A brown-haired, brown-eyed, short, boobalicious, salad-hating, in-door girl who doesn’t run.

And yet.

And yet, I have managed to giv birth to to two rough and tumble, fish loving, out-doors children. Two adorable balls of energy that must, biologically speaking, have inherited more from me than big, brown eyes and hair with a penchant for cowlicks. They are, after all, only 50% Big Man.

So, perhaps, they just didn’t win the genetic lottery when it comes to my congenital beliefs.


Perhaps. They aren’t congenital after all.

I know. Big leap of faith. Stay with me people, stay with me.

So I’ve decided to find out.

Turns out? I LIKE fish. Actual fish. Where you can taste the fish. Not just the fried breading surrounding it. I LIKE vegetables. At least the ones I’ve tried so far. Fiddleheads aren’t just for your mama’s hoe-down anymore!

And I hate coconut.

That one disappointed me, actually. I really, really, really like the smell of coconut. I’d bathe in it if it didn’t make me so freaking hungry all the time. Which is ironic, considering the mere taste of it makes me want to wipe my tongue with tar paper.

It’s been a wild year so far, kids. Like the teacups at Disney when you’ve made the mistake of letting a former football player take the wheel. If you haven’t tried it, let’s just say – it ain’t no kids ride anymore.

And while I’m fairly certain my hatred of brussel sprouts will stand the test of time, mostly because I’ve refused to test them again…, there have been enough revelations to induce me to make two more changes.

I added some color to my wardrobe…


Mind = BLOWN.

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