Could Someone At Least Get Me Some Taco Bell?? Anyone??

April 1, 2010

in Blame The Sudafed, Cheap Expectations

I’d like to go back to work.  Not for the extra cash, or the social interactions, or the professional fulfillment.  Not even for the occasional free meal. (What? I have a talent for finding the jobs that will occasionally feed me.  Usually well.  Not that I’m picky.  So long as its free)

No, right now, this very moment, there is just one thing an employer would have to say for me to sign on the dotted line.  (Other than, Hey – we have a job for you!)

Two Words.

Sick. Day.

Because I have to say, this stay-at-home mom gig?  Worst.  Benefits.  Ever.  Other than the whole getting to spend every hour of my life taking care of the new love of my life, making him laugh/smile/coo/scream in horror at the thought of taking a bottle just once.

Did I mention every hour?

I checked the contract.  That includes vacations, personal days, and sick days. 
Apparently, bringing a life into the world means nurturing it and engaging it even when it takes all the effort of a good hard scream just to get out a whisper.

And while I love my little man like no other, and would do anything in the world to make him happy (at least right now, when that costs $100 for a swing he’ll outgrow in a matter of months…as opposed to $20k for the car of his dreams sixteen years from now), I REALLY REALLY miss my sick days.

The days when if I woke up not being able to speak above a whisper, a throat that felt like somebody lit a piece of industrial-grade sandpaper on fire and then hung it from my tonsils, and my eyes swollen shut, I could hit the speed-dial for my office and hold off the hacking cough just long enough to leave a message saying I was taking a sick day. 

Blessed Sick Day.

Full of nothing but choking down gallons of OJ, taking naps interrupted only by my own lungs trying to expel themselves from my chest, and staring numbly at reruns of the West Wing, Charmed, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians until I passed out/napped on the couch.

Ahh, Sick Days.

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Nicole April 1, 2010 at 5:22 pm

Those were the days…..I havent had one in 10 years. I could really use one today, with the Flu and all.
You need to tell your hubby you need a 3 hour break. He will be more than understanding and it will do a world of wonders for you. Take care!

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