Domestication…It’s A Work In Progress

June 14, 2012

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We’ve been staying at my SIL’s for the past two weeks. And while she saw us out the door with a smile on her face and a good-natured “Ya’ll come back now, ya here?!” I’m fairly certain the sentiment was more a testament to her good breeding, as opposed to a genuine wish to see us in her home again.
Not that Emily doesn’t love us.
If she didn’t, there’s no way she’d have been saying that on day 14 instead of day 2.
But. Well. We can be a tad…rough on life:
Her towel rack.
Her Clock Radio.
Her Leather couches.
Her Toilets. All of them.
Her Door-stop(s)(?)
Her Pots.
Her Entertainment System.
Her Blinds.
Her Bag of Fertilizer.
Her Once white carpet.
Her Walls.
Her Towel Rack. The same one. Again.
This is a list of things we’ve torn, broken, scratched, stained, burned, clogged, or ripped from the walls.
In the first ten days.
And by “we”, I mean our children. And the Big Man. And myself.
Its not that we aren’t careful. I swear we are. Sure, the Little Man is only 2 1/2 – but he has enough manners to say “yes please” and “no thank you,” and hasn’t accidentally squashed his sister in quite a while. And yes, the Little Miss did see this trip away from the home fires as her chance to learn how to crawl. But, despite her best efforts, she has yet to actually pull a single piece of furniture down on top of herself. And yes, its been a while since my last debutante ball. But still. We’re far from savages…?
Maybe I just didn’t notice it when we were in our own home. The Little Man rips the doorstop from the wall? We make him pay to replace it out of his piggy bank. He rips the heater from the wall while standing on it to peer out his window at the garbage truck rolling by? I rearrange the furniture to hold it in place, and cage his bed. I He marks the walls? I invest in a lifetime supply of Magic Eraser.
No big deal. He apologises. I fix it. We go about our life.
But when you take our little domesticated household and plunk it down in the middle of my SIL’s BRAND. NEW. HOME?
Well. Perhaps we aren’t quite as domesticated as I thought….

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Megan (Best of Fates) June 15, 2012 at 8:59 am

I know exactly how you feel. Only I don’t even have kids to spread the blame. I just accidentally destroy things everywhere I go.

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