The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

October 15, 2010

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Some couples fight for space in the closet.  Or, more correctly, some guys fight for enough space to hang at least two shirts and a pair of pants in the closet.  Fortunately for the Big Man, this is not actually a problem for us.  Despite the fact that we do not have a walk-in closet, and the fact that our “Extra” closet is currently doubling as the Big Man’s “office,” and my not-so-secret addiction to Banana Republic (or the fact that I found a BR OUTLET near my grandparents this summer!!!!), I we do not actually own enough clothing (at least per season) to justify anything less than a 55-45 split of the closet space.  

So while closet space is not necessarily abundant around here, it is not at a premium.  Sure, if you come to stay for a week you may have to resort to hanging your own wardrobe above the Big Man’s desk – but the rest of us?  Only occasionally fight over a coveted hanger spot.

Sadly, should you wish to put down a book during your visit, you are S.O.L.  Not that we don’t have book cases.  We have plenty.  In fact, in a 2 bedroom apartment housing 2.5 readers, we have 5.  2 of which are currently double-shelved. (Meaning instead of pulling out certain books and finding, say, a door knob to a secret closet, you instead find MORE BOOKS!)

Yes.  My name is Meg, and I am addicted to books.  Because out of those 5 bookcases?  4 of them are mine.  The fifth? Is the Big Man’s.  And it is filled with the only books in the house I refuse to read.  Mostly because they are filled with medical jargon and some of the most disturbing pictures you’ll ever imagine (R.L. Stine had nothing on Grey’s Anatomy or the Gyno for Dummies Doctors books).  And while I’m grudgingly giving way to the Little Man’s burgeoning book collection, that’s mostly because I’m the one responsible for their acquisition.  What can I say?  There is a finite number of times I can find that damn Spot.  And by finite, I mean 5.

So while the Big Man rarely has to worry about me going to the Macy’s and pretending that I’m the next contestant on Supermarket Sweep, the mere mention of a “quick stop in” at Barnes & Noble is enough to send his wallet into cardiac arrest.

And before you say it, yes, I am familiar with our local library.  And, fortunately for us, it sucks.  At least for the adults.  It’s adult fiction section?  Is smaller than its VIDEO SECTION.

Which is actually a good thing.  

Because I?  Have a bit of a problem with, well, returning things.  My library fines in high school alone allowed the county to re-roof the entire building.  Blockbuster?  Might as well just be a video store.  And Netflix?  Seems surprised when it receives a return in the mail the same quarter it shipped it out.

So, were my library to actually carry books I’m interested in reading?  We would end up owning them anyway.  At the original, hardcover price.  Without a Members discount.

So, really, my addiction to owning books?  SAVES us money!  Sure, there may be an entire three double-shelved rows of books I haven’t actually read yet.  

But I WANT to read them.  


When I’m in the mood for them.  

And have the time.  

So in 18 years.  Give or take another kid.


jss October 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm

I can't even allow myself to set foot in Barnes & Noble. I don't think I've ever left there without purchasing at least 2 books. I am totally an addict.

And despite the fact that there is actually an abundance of libraries around me, it just isn't the same. The experience isn't as nice (like shopping at Walmart vs. shopping at Target) and the selection usually sucks (the good books are always taken) and all I can think about are all the other grubby hands that have been on that book. ESPECIALLY the kids books.

Do I really want my baby gnawing on the edge of a book that 183 other babies have gnawed on? I'm dry heaving just thinking about it.

The Adviser October 15, 2010 at 3:15 am

oh my you do love books! I wish I could read a chapter. I'll take the video or recorded version. Poor Big Man. Throw him off by going to Macy's every now and then : )

mariahsmile October 15, 2010 at 3:14 am

I too have a book obsession! And I don't wanna get rid of them after I read them, I want to hoard them on my numerous bookshelves too! I admit that I am double shelving them as well cause I don't have enough space!

VTFitz October 15, 2010 at 2:07 am

One of my friends recommended to help get new books at the cost of the current books. I sold a ton of dvds and video games. All the books? still piled up neatly(ish) in the middle of the floor. I'll never reread the books I picked out to get rid of, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them. On the plus side? I'm down to one book a trip!

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