Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!

November 25, 2010

in How to be a Housewife

In honor of this day of gluttony Thanks, I present you my Grama’s recipe for stuffing.  Exactly as she gave it to me.

Use large flat bottom pan.  Tear up bread I usually use a couple of loaves for a big turkey.  Cut up lots of onions-several. You can tell that this is very technical!  Melt margarine in bottom of the pan.  Stir in the onions and begin to brown them- I guess carmalize is the new terminology.  Then stitr in the bread.  You will probably want to melt in some more margarine if it gets dry.  Use lots of poultry seasoning at this point.  Great Grama used to tell me to have a new can of seasoning each year.

And while the Big Man has tentatively offered up the suggestion that I try other stuffing recipes – Oyster, Cranberry, Quince, whatever – this?  Is IT in my book.  

So Happy Thanksgiving, Ya’ll.  And whatever you are stuffing your bird with this year?  May it bring you as much mirth, warmth, and leftovers as mine.

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