Let Me Introduce My Blog-Wife

August 14, 2012

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I feel as though I owe ya’ll an apology.

And not just for breaking my blog on Sunday. I wish I could be one of those bloggers, the ones who can factually claim that their blog crashed due to too much traffic. As opposed to their own indecisiveness and technical handicaps….

But I feel as though I have been holding out on ya’ll. There’s not much I don’t share here, and that includes the important people in my life. Like the Big Man, and the Littles, and Maggy, Emily, and even Nibbles (yes, he’s still alive…). And while I’ve mentioned her briefly, I haven’t actually, properly, introduced you to Krystyn.

Ya’ll, meet Krystyn. Krystyn, meet Ya’ll.

Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?
Krystyn is my web designer. She’s the one who’s made sure that the Domestication Project has a cohesive, singular look, even before it was actually the Domestication Project. She’s an incredibly gifted designer, who knows her html like I know my way around a Double-Stuff Oreo, and I have a feeling she’s either a former psychic or destined for saint hood.

How else do you explain her being able to translate such gems as these into the gloriousness that you see around you?

  • Sadly, none of the cows offered me any new inspiration. Where do we start?
  • Sorry if I just gave you a stroke. The Big Man’s gone, so I have no one to filter my bad ideas through at the moment.
  • I’m so confused.  Don’t worry. Some days, its just too easy.
  • And we should do a FB button. Since I gave up pinterest.  It was giving me too many anxieties about lawsuits, diets, and how to bake the perfect souffle.
  • And here is the link for pinterest (apparently I was brilliant and never actually deleted the account, i just thought i did. Now if only that worked with the chocolate around here…)
  • My world is right again. Not pregnant. Facebook cover picture works.
  • Ok. I’m going to go sit in a quiet corner now.
  • Good news is I am not looking to redesign the website (again). The bad news is I broke it.

Suffice it to say, after my hosting company’s crisis prevention hotline told me to back away from the computer, I sent her a smoke signal, and she had it fixed in less time than it took her eldest Little to start Kindergarten. So if you’re looking for someone to design your website, fix your blog, or talk you through a cow-infested writer’s block, Krystyn? Is your gal.



As with any mention of specific products, services, or underwear, I have not received any incentives, monetary, unicorns, or otherwise to share my opinions of them with you.

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Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? August 14, 2012 at 10:05 am

You mean, not everybody can make sense out of that?

It’s a pleasure really…and a little bit of a gift:)

Thanks for the awesome shout out!

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