I’m sitting here, counting down the minutes on the clock to naptime. Aka, when the children will all be abed, and I will have the house to myself.

Not that that is an unusual way for me to spend the noon hour, but this time my anticipation is tinged with a tidbit of trepidation. Because today? Is THE day. The day I can my first jar of applesauce. Or blow up the house. Either way? Today is THE day.

I’ve prepped for it like a fat man preps for a 5K. I’ve read the books. Surfed the internet. Ordered my supplies to be delivered to my front door. ¬†And laid in plenty of apples. And apple sauce. Just in case.

And now?

All that is left is to start.

And hope someone has the EMTs on speed dial.

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Ellen October 7, 2012 at 1:25 pm

speed dial? girl please I’m a lifeguard. i got this.

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