The Never Ending Roadtrip

July 26, 2012

in Taking the Scenic Route

We’re still moving.

It’s been exactly 2weeks since I started this move, and we are STILL. MOVING.

You’d think we’d be in California by now. Or at least traveling by wagon.

Or walking. I think at this point we’d be faster walking. And I’m not just talking about that lovely parking lot they call the on-ramp to the G.W. Bridge…

The Big Man. The Guinea Pig. Every worldly possession either one of us has ever owned in our entire lives. They have all made it Down South by now. Made it, threw a parade, and completely unpacked.

But the Littles and I?


We remain in a land devoid of Krispy Kremes.

Although it is, surprisingly, inhabited by Very friendly people. Seeing as how none of them has ever had a HOT Krispy Kreme in their entire lives, I’m not sure how that works, exactly. But perhaps the mere hope that I have a dozen glazed, kreme filled donuts hidden in the well of my trunk keeps their spirits alive. Because nary a soul, in the 10days it took to fix my car not once, but twice,  suggested in any way whatsoever that perhaps undertaking a solo tour of the relatives of New England on my own with two toddlers in the middle of July and a cross-country-ish move was not the brightest idea ever.

That would be my husband’s job.

Unfortunately for the Big Man, by this time tomorrow, we will be safely across the Mason Dixon line, sitting in an air-conditioned house, stuffing our faces with as many kinds of Krispy Kreme donuts are there are miles on my odometer, and never. moving. again.

At least not this summer.


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? August 13, 2012 at 10:03 am

Glad you survived and got your Krispy Kreme.

PS Where is your final location? Or is that on the DL?

Shibahn July 28, 2012 at 8:25 am

Glad your journey is almost done! You are a brave woman than me to make that trip on your own. Hope you had fun visiting family!

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