Obsessive Growth Spurts

August 30, 2012

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I think I need to stop feeding the Littles so many freakin’ vegetables. And I should definitely cut back on their milk consumption. Maybe even throw in the occasional hotdog or crack pipe. Whatever it takes.

Because their growth spurts? Are out of control. I’m quickly becoming convinced that in another few months, I won’t have to even be sitting on the ground for them to grab my head and yank it to the side to investigate today’s earring choice lovingly pat me on the head.

The Little Miss is 14months. And wearing 3T. Don’t let your actual three year-old stand too close to her, if the Little Miss loses what little balance she has when she remembers she’s actually standing, they’re both going down.

The Little Man? Well, he’s finally fitting his 4T pants in both the waist and the length. Which is awesome, as I’m kind of over the whole “chasing-him-down-every-22-minutes-to-re-roll-his-pants” thing, and this Mama just don’t have time to learn to hem nobody’s pants. Just look at her own… 

But if he’d just stop growing, right now, he’d actually be able wear last year’s clothes again. Which would be awesome, since I have yet to buy a single thing in whatever the next size up is. (5T? 4? 5?) (Seriously, what is UP with the toddler-to-real-little-boy clothing sizes??)

That’s not to say they can’t grow in other ways.

Like learning not to try and crawl down the stairs head first, AHEM LITTLE MISS….

The Little Man, being two and a half as he will oh so proudly tell you, is, of course, growing in all the ways charming little two-year-olds do. He’s learning to use the word “no.” As in “Do you want to go to the park/playground/Disneyworld?” “NO!”

He’s also learning that Mama will take him at his word.

It’s saved me a lot on trips to Disneyworld this year…

And he’s learning that not only does he like trains, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, helicopters, cars, and anything else that has at least 2 wheels and a steering column, he also likes the movie Cars.

And by like, I mean he likes it like you your baby sister likes Justin Beiber.

It’s the first thing he talks about in the morning. Every morning. I’d say its also the last thing he talks about in the evening, but that would imply that he talks about anything else in between. Which he doesn’t.

Except for pancakes. Which is one obsession I can get down with.

I’ve actually had to shut the door mid-sentence on  him, because otherwise I’d be in there listening to him recount Lightening McQueen’s every action until midnight. And I don’t know what time he goes to sleep, but I? Am out by 10pm.

God help us if he ever discovers there’s a Cars 2.

Of course, the Little Man is a December baby. And this particular obsession started in July. So he doesn’t actually have any real Cars paraphanelia. Not that that’s deterred him:

This is Lightening McQueen.

Yes. He’s a farm truck. But don’t tell him that.

And yes, those are animals in the back. Doesn’t your stock car come with its very own livestock?

And yes. He is at the breakfast table.

That’s right. Our own Little Man had his own little emotional growth spurt and began nurturing his farm truck Lightening McQueen.

On Saturday, he woke Lightening McQueen up, brought him downstairs, put a bib on him, stole his father’s chair, and generously offered his own up to the farm truck. He then proceeded to valiantly, repeatedly, offer up his very own blueberry muffin to McQueen. Sure, he seemed a little confused when McQueen didn’t actually take a single bite the entire meal, but my suggestion that maybe he just wasn’t hungry seemed to suffice.

And so it went. McQueen joined us again for lunch that day. And then again for dinner. The Little Man generously offered him the lion’s share of his salad, and even tempted him with the choicest bites of his Moroccan chicken with chickpeas.

Sadly, however, neither of them got dessert unless all of the vegetables on both their plates were gone. So the Little Man was the big man in the situation, and bravely ate it all for them both.

Which might explain why, come Sunday, when the Big Man bit back a smile and gamely set a place at Sunday Family Breakfast for Lightening McQueen, McQueen was suddenly, silently, a no-show.

Of course, it might also be because Sunday’s breakfast? Was pancakes.


Shibahn Landry September 3, 2012 at 11:06 am

He is too cute! I love it! While my little darling has not tried to feed her lovies at the table, we have had to put them where they can watch her and vice versa. It really is precious. :)

Happy Little Feet August 31, 2012 at 10:30 am

Beautiful children. I love that he feeds his car so sweet.

Audrey August 30, 2012 at 6:42 pm

He is so adorable! And really I can only laugh, because it sounds just like my 2 year old son!

Arlene Sallans August 30, 2012 at 4:58 pm

What beautiful children! And what a great mom to accept Lightening McQueen as her adopted son…

Jeanette August 30, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Now I know what to get him for Christmas :)

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