One Last Load

September 7, 2011

in How to be a Housewife

It’s sitting up there.

Waiting for me.

Big meaty hands fisted on its hips.  One thick, cracked toe tapping an incessant drum beat into the back of my brain.  My little girl’s tiny, pink polka-dotted sock dangling out of its gaping mouth.  Waiting.

Just waiting.

It doesn’t care that laundry day was Monday.  That I fed it a full five loads (or was it six?) of freshly drenched clothes, diapers, and the occasional shoe just days ago.  It doesn’t care that I folded enough cotton garments to clothe an entire village and put them away in just four people’s drawers, closets, and pre-assigned floor heaps. It doesn’t care that I?  Am done.

Am I?

Am I really?  Or was there one more load after that last load of darks?  One more, last minute, the kids-just-shredded-it-so-I-might-as-well-throw-it-in load.

Is that where my favorite shirt is?

Sitting there, forgotten, within the maws of the dryer?  Just waiting for me to open the door and scoop it and a million tiny socks up and out?

I don’t want to know.  Not really.  MONDAY was laundry day.  TOMORROW is laundry day.  But today?  Today is Wednesday.  NOT laundry day.

And yet

It’s not finished with me.



NSC September 8, 2011 at 10:14 am

Don’t know how you do it. I have WAAAY too much laundry as it is with myself and the DH…can’t imagine how bad its going to get with a little version of myself who tries on two shirts in the morning, and throws one in the dirty just because I’m too lazy to fold it again and put it back in the drawer.

Domesticated Gal September 8, 2011 at 12:48 pm

It doesn’t help that I cloth diaper. Which means that even though laundry day is technically 2days a week? In reality, it is EVERY day a week.

Just don’t buy anything that comes with special cleaning instructions. Like “wash with like colors.”

Also? Don’t plan on wearing Anything twice. I’ve yet to make it a full day w/o getting someone’s bodily fluid on me.

But it does make a great excuse to buy more shirts!

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