Puppy Love

July 28, 2014

in Mommy-ville Detour

The Little Miss LOVES her mama. Ask anyone – the grocery clerk at the store is witness to more kisses in a 30second interaction than she’d see in an entire viewing of any Julie Roberts rom-com. And the daycare can attest to our daily negotiations – Daddy can drop her off in the morning, but only if Mama promises to pick her up in the afternoon. Btw – it’s a 30second walk from the front door, where I “drop off” the Little Man, to Little Miss’s classroom, assuming she’s stopping to say hi to the fishes, the cubbies, a random parent, and that speck of dust on the baseboard over there. 

(And yes, the Little Man has decided he is too much of a big boy to have his mama walk him to his classroom. Front door is far enough, thank you very much.)

Needless to say, if all of this devotion weren’t accompanied by demands to be picked up every 30seconds, the Big Man would be a tad jealous. Until last week. When the Little Miss decided she’d like a puppy.

I think she’d finally given up on her request of the past 3 months – a baby. After all, you can only rub my belly for so long before realizing that the bump kicking back is last night’s popcorn…not a bouncing baby ready to be drug around the house by the hair, force fed cupcakes by the tinful, and undressed as many times as it takes to lose said outfit.

So, when after 90days, a baby failed to appear among her birthday presents, she decided she’d compromise. And asked for a puppy.

In case you’re new here – I’m allergic to Everything. Guinea Pigs. Elephants (true story). Horses. Cats. Cockroaches. Dust. Pollen. Mildew. Gluten. Life. and Puppies. Sit me on a couch which once bore a puppy for 5minutes 6years ago, and I’ll still break out in hives.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt bad denying the Little Miss yet another perfectly reasonable request. But, we explained, puppies make Momma sick. Puppies + Momma = Prednisone = a Manic Momma Eating ALL THE FOOD.

The Little Miss pondered this for about 30 seconds, along with the fact that she’d already been put in time out twice that morning – and it was only 7am. And she came up with the perfect solution: One day, Momma will go away! And then it will be just her, the Little Man, and the Big Man living in our house….and then she can get a puppy!

It makes perfect sense. A puppy and the beginnings of any good Disney movie all in one!

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