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July 19, 2012

in Blame The Sudafed, Running In Place

There’s been an video going around the internet of a High School girl in Ohio stopping to help her injured opponent hobble the last yards of their race to the finish line. 

Come October 13th, I’m going to be that girl.

No. Not the one running agilely across the finish line, sweatily confident in her ability to maintain an upright, forward mobility. That will be my Sister-In-Law.

I’ll be the other one….

Aka, the one using every last ounce of strength left to my name to simply keep my face above my feet.

Granted, Emily will probably be propelling me across the starting line, as opposed to the finish line, if my current streak of run 3 days/sit out injured 6 weeks continues.

But I will be there. One half of Team Gimpy. And running, walking, limping, or being carried out on a stretcher by a cute EMT young enough to be a former babysitting charge, I will cross that finish line.

Because on the other end of it, will be Emily. Waiting for me. With a box of HOT Krispy Kremes. And a neb treatment.

So stay tuned kids. Because I’m sure she’ll also have a camera set to record….

What else are sisters (in-law) for?

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Shibahn Landry July 20, 2012 at 12:40 am

Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll make it across the starting line on your own at the very least. 😉 You’ll do great!

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