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April 8, 2010

in How to be a Housewife

Let’s get one thing clear: I couldn’t care LESS about Tiger and his harem.  Sure, the man is the only reason I’m even aware of golf as anything other than my FIL’s retirement job.  And I totally understand how he got so many women on the hook – who wouldn’t want a taste of something so Yummy?  But other than the occasional glimpse of him as I mute the sports portion of the nightly news, I’m perfectly happy to remain blissfully unaware of him as an actual person.  Or golfer.

So this barrage of Tiger?  Getting a bit old.  And by getting a bit old, I mean it was as old as stale, moldy bread the day Before all of the hoopla began.  Back in NOVEMBER.  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – NOVEMBER.  We have been inundated with “breaking news” on this man’s personal life every day since November.  And not just on E! or ESPN – no, apparently even CNN believes this to be ACTUAL news.  Earthquakes, Nuclear Warheads, Healthcare, and TIGER WOODS.  It’s like the song they sung on Sesame Street back before the muppets started flying (I’m ok with a giant talking yellow bird, but a fairy is a bit much for me) – “One of these things is not like the other.”  (Not that I should be surprised – CNN has also admitted that it simply can’t fill 24hrs of news a day and has thus resorted to i-reporters.  If I wanted an i-report, I’d have read their blog.)  WHO CARES?  Unless you are Tiger’s wife, accountant, or divorce lawyer – why does it make any bit of difference to anyone? 

But I do have to admit, the latest “revelation” has at least afforded me a good laugh.  Apparently Tiger’s FOURTEENTH mistress is hurt and betrayed.  Because she thought she was the only one.



Seriously, what part of “other woman” did she not get?  I realize they probably did not cover this in Charm School, but when you accept the position of “mistress,” it’s not exactly an exclusive deal.

Just FYI.

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Donna April 8, 2010 at 4:45 pm

I agree. I'm just not interested and am sick of hearing about it all – wall to wall Tiger is exhausting and unnecessary. I've perfected the tuning out and hadn't heard about the 14th mistress thing. That is funny.

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