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April 7, 2010

in Blame The Sudafed

Let’s be clear – I Adore my son.  Some days more than others, but on average its probably a 9.5 (can’t give him a 10, he needs a goal to work towards – didn’t you just love that excuse from your teachers?).  We’re now FOUR months into this project, and in between changing dirty diapers, I’ve come up with the following:

Top Ten  Eleven Ways to Know You’re A New Parent:

  1. You check to make sure you grabbed the cinnamon instead of the Paprika..AFTER you pour it onto your oatmeal.
  2. You have to check to make sure you shaved Both legs..3 minutes after you get out of the shower.  (You also consider a shower/joint effort)
  3. 4 Hours of Sleep is considered a luxury…as opposed to the time between when you get home from the bar and when you have to get up for work.
  4. Someone has found your camera from the depths of the back of your closet and loaded it with 900 images of your newborn…taken on the same day…within the same hour
  5. That same someone has also posted ALL 900 of those images onto Facebook.  And expects every single “Friend” to comment on each and every one of them.
  6. You leave an essential purchase at the register after paying for it.  After cursing for an hour straight (in whispered tones, lest your 3mo. old hear/understand you) when you realize you left the new onesies at the store and your son has grown out of every single clean onesie left in the house, you go back for them…and then forget the Wipes you decided to pick up while you’re out.
  7. You are Extremely proud of the fact you have not forgotten your son at the store.  Yet.
  8. All those baby toys you used to mock your friends for having spent hundreds of dollars on for their kids?  You now own them.  ALL of them.
  9. Despite the fact that you can’t sit down without embedding a pacifier in your tush, you can never find a single one when you actually need it.
  10. You’re response time to your child’s fussing has turned from “Oh my god, he’s starting to maybe get fussy – quick run and make him happy!” to “Eh, he doesn’t Really mean it yet…”
  11. You start a “Top Ten Tuesdays” List 3 weeks before you actually finish/post it…on a Wednesday.

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      Liz and Brian April 7, 2010 at 4:01 pm

      the pacifier one is SO TRUE…and so is the "he doesn't really mean it yet" one.

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