Vacation Hangover

August 11, 2014

in After The Honeymoon, Taking the Scenic Route

Three days ago, I woke up at 530am. The sun was just starting to glint off the still misty waters of the lake which lay 20feet out the window to my right. The strange almost wolf-like call of the loons were answered by the peals of laughter from the Little Miss as she played peek-a-boo in the covers beside me. The Men (Big & Little) were already out on the lake, in their favorite fishing spot nestled among the lily pads on the far side of the lake, learning how to cast and reel in hopes of catching our dinner. Nothing to do but sip some Kombucha while we counted dragonflies and waited for the dew to dry.

Vacation Collage

This morning, I woke up at 530am. Swatted at the alarm clock until it ceased it’s incessant buzzing, and rolled back under the tangle of covers left in the Big Man’s wake as he stumbled towards the dull green light of his toothbrush. The Little Man managed to bump into every wall between his bed and the bathroom, while the Little Miss did a perfect imitation of her mother and pulled the covers back over her head. Nothing to do but make breakfast, do the dishes, pack 4 lunches, dole out vitamins, chug our Kombucha, don’t forget the school bags, forget to defrost the chicken for dinner, strip the beds, and hit the “delay” start button on the washing machine to what I think, might, maybe get the wash done just before I get home again (I’m not good with math…at any hour….), and shove everyone out the door – back into the Real World.

But as I sit in my office, twisting the tarnished ring around my left ring finger as I return 22 voicemails, sort through 643 spam emails, and try to get the blue of my vacation photos to match the actual blue of my memories, I notice it: A faint shadow of a tan line hidden under my wedding band.

And it is all I need to see as I answer the phone with a smile.

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