We Prep for Everything BUT The SAT’s

April 21, 2010

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When I was in High School, I scheduled the SAT’s for the Saturday after I finished taking 5 Advanced Placement (ie. College-Level) exams in one week.  (Sure, other kids schedule it for the day after Prom…<cough>losers>.)  My prep?  Included sticking the SAT Prep book my parents had shoved into my hands months before under my pillow and praying that the theory of osmosis would come true.

In college, my preferred method of passing classes was to read the first half of each class’s assigned reading for the semester as scheduled, and then finish all 7 remaining books the day before the final exam.

When preparing for a business trip, my most common method of packing involved shoving half the contents of my closet into a suitcase approximately an hour before I was due to dash out the door.  Hopefully the half of the closet that included underwear.

In short?  I am a crammer.  Mostly because my ability to memorize/remember things is limited to the past 24hrs (at least on days when I’ve had a full 8hrs of sleep).  I excel at living life in the slow lane until the last possible second – at which point I shift into warp speed faster than Mr. Spock, or whoever captained the Enterprise (I’m more of a Voyager Trekkie person with no first hand knowledge of Star Trek whatsoever).

So it surprised both the Big Man and I to realize that I have been preparing for our upcoming road trip to VA for AN ENTIRE MONTH.

Granted the actual, physical packing did not begin until yesterday (an astonishing 4 days before we leave!!).  But it will probably not be finished until the last minute possible, especially since I’m trying to limit the number of dirty cloth diapers we have to take with us to wash upon our arrival in VA.  (Cloth diapers may be environmentally/budget friendly, but Definitely not road-trip friendly.)

So, despite my predilection for winging it, for the last month we have been slowly preparing the Little Man for his first road-trip.  It began when we realized he would no longer take a bottle.  As he will be spending 48 hours with his grandma who cannot nurse him, nor has she access to a wet nurse (hopefully, because – EW), we had to correct this ASAP.

Once we finally managed to get him to take a bottle while sitting at arm’s length in his bouncy chair, we next embarked on the project of getting him to once again take naps without nursing him to sleep.

THEN we had to start training him to take a bottle while we actually held him (as opposed to his natural response, which has been to attempt to latch on to the feeder’s chest.  The Big Man was NOT amused the few times he came dangerously close to succeeding with him).

Now?  Now we are desperately trying teach him that it is OK for someone, anyone, other than me to hold him after 7pm.

All in preparation for his weekend with Grandma.  Aka, my weekend at Maggy’s wedding.  Aka, my weekend of UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP!!

I have Never prepped for anything like I am prepping for this trip.

Just please, please don’t let me forget the diapers.


Melissa April 21, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Luckily, they sell diapers all over. You can even find cloth diapers at some stores, I hear.

Don't worry. You'll be fine. If you're uptight, the baby will sense that and become uptight as well. My daughter used to cry her head off at my in laws and I'm pretty sure it was my husband's and my fault for being so anxious in the first place.

Have fun!

Domesticated Gal April 21, 2010 at 2:41 pm

We've thought about it – but he also hasn't had diaper rash since we put him in the cloth diapers…and once he gets it, we can't switch him back until its cleared up. I have a feeling this will be one of those "never again" experiences…

txrosejames April 21, 2010 at 2:25 pm

They do sell diapers nationwide, so you should be good. While cloth diapers are extremely admirable, just use disposables when on a big road trip.

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