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February 8, 2009

in Blame The Sudafed

Aight, since Mo has not opened up comments yet on her fabulous new blog, I’ll just have to comment on mine…

If you live south of the Mason Dixon Line, still squeal when you see snow, and get to shut down the office for less than a foot – I am moving in with you. Now. Pull out the sofa sleeper or blow up the air mattress, because Darlin‘, I’m comin home!

Oh, how I wish! Especially since I now live in the arctic tundra of Northeast Ohio. The only day we haven’t had snow/ice on the ground was Christmas day. (That’s right, months of white except for the one day I’d have truly appreciated it…so much for the perfect postcard holiday) 6-12 inches of snow? Perhaps we’ll give you a one-hour delay to get into work. Want to wear a cute skirt to work? Only if you pull out the thick cotton tights to go under. You remember the ones your mom used to make you wear in the third grade – see if they still fit, cuz there is no way you’re going out otherwise.

Not to say that it never gets warm here. We are in the middle of a heat wave today – with highs in the 40s! I got so excited, I dug out my sandals to go to the grocery store. It wasn’t until I was halfway to the car, that I realized while my mind may be reveling in the relative warmth my toes were turning blue.

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