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June 28, 2010

in Blame The Sudafed

I recently came across a post over at The Blogger’s Concierge asking bloggers to blog about why their blog is an A List Blog.

My first response?  Why ISN’T my blog an A List Blog?  I mean, really, who would even question my placement at the Head of the A List?  Not ONLY do I Completely Rock, but my blog name also starts with an A!!  See?  I’m It’s PERFECT!

Fortunately for the Little Man, I continued reading the requirements before he was squished by my ever-expanding ego.  Apparently “Duh” is not going to be considered a sufficient answer for these people.  They want Reasons.  WHY is my blog unique?  Fun?  A Must-Read?


Because I Completely Rock???

Alright, I admit that may not actually make me unique in this crowd.  Since I do have an entire page of people who Completely Rock, and whom I would probably have restraining orders from in real life.

(Because burning dinner a tad in order to finish reading one of their posts?  Much more acceptable than burning dinner a tad in order to crawl through their air ducts …)

So, maybe, in the world of blogging I am not so much a Meryl Streep.  Or Julie Roberts.  Or even Jennifer Aniston.  After all, ya’ll don’t come read my blog simply because I exist.  And I’m fairly certain People magazine won’t be paying me a million dollars for my baby’s first headshot anytime soon.

So why do ya’ll keep coming back?

Let’s take a look at some of this month’s posts.  We have:
– Embarrassing story about showing up at my birthday party without a bra.
– A picture of an actual Hawaiian shirt I admit to owning AND wearing.
– Embarrassing story about my inability to swim.
Swimsuit shopping.


So perhaps I’m not so much the Reese Witherspoon of blogging so much as… Kathy Griffin?

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Gigi June 28, 2010 at 8:10 pm

Hi there! Love your post, really fun! It's gigi here from TBC! I, too, have a swimming problem. I applaud you for jumping into the deep end. I could never do it. I'm currently taking private lessons to try and learn to swim. My kid s are fish, and I can't possibly put off learning any longer.

And I don't have the benefit of boobalicious flotation devices. Flat as a pancake, I am.

Look forward to connecting with you on TBC!

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