You Can’t Eat Just One…

April 25, 2010

in How to Diet in Reverse, Running In Place

So about that exercise program…Here’s how our day went yesterday:

6am: (Yes, I know – that is an ugly time.  Especially for a girl who hasn’t had any caffeine in over a year, but my schedule is no longer my own)  Pop in Pilates video.  Stand tall with the stomach scooped and glutes tight.  Take in 2 deep breaths.  Get half way through the third.  Get hungry.

Hmm…breakfast?  Or Pringles?  Definitely Pringles.  That way, I can get right back to exercising without all that milk/cereal sloshing around in my stomach!  And they’re whole grain Pringles – whole grain is a great way to start your day!

Hmm…now I’m thirsty.  Very very thirsty.  Must drink a gallon of water – its important to be well hydrated before exercising!

Am now sloshy.  Oh well.

7am:  Restart video.  Get through the breathing exercises, begin shoulder rolls.  (Have I mentioned this is Pilates for Beginners?)  Get bored.

Oooh – someone forgot to put away the Pringles!

Ok, must exercise.  Can NOT let the Big man win Again this month.  But I’ve done this video a dozen times.  Sure, never all at once, but still.  Maybe I’ve done enough to move on?  Let’s try the regular Pilates for Weight Loss video!

7:13am:  Pop in new Pilates video.

7:15am:  Begin to cry.

7:16am:  Crawl over to the Pringles can.  Exercise tongue licking off the creamy Ranch seasoning.

7:18am:  You know what?  Maybe its just too early to exercise today.  We’ll try again later…after I finish the Pringles.

Perhaps I should invest in some caffeine?  Or just stop buying Pringles…?

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